Cashing in for Skin Cancer

Friday, May 10, we will be collecting change as students leave Bob Jones to help fund cancer research via American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. School should be out a little early that day, so be sure to shake out your dollar bills, nickels, and quarters!

What is the American Cancer Society (ACS) doing for skin cancer?

Events like the Relay for Life get people to run for the cause of cancer. Funds all go towards ACS’s cancer research. ACS also puts out many resources for the public in various mediums such as print, media, outreach programs, and free nationwide services like its website

The ACS also advocates with federal and state legislatures to enact health policies, continue funding for research, and more. In 2012, the ACS asked FDA to evaluate tanning beds’ effect on increasing the risk of skin cancer.

Through it’s support and service programs, the Society collaborates with families to help them cope with the disease.

The American Cancer Society is constantly working with numerous organizations to spread awareness of skin cancer by means of education, advertisement, and policies.

For more information on where your change will make a change, visit