Making This Possible

This campaign wasn’t simply made overnight. It wasn’t done by one person either. A team of students took charge and broke off into teams based on their strengths in order to make this happen. Just to give you a glimpse of how this came to pass, we’ve recorded a cute video and have some photos on display.

to the set up of this beautiful and tropical palm tree, all of the displays around the school have blurbs explaining its significance.

Photo May 06, 8 39 32 AM

This display features sun hats and a sun umbrella, two options that can help you protect your hair and face from sun exposure. For products that can help protect your scalp, hair, and face, check out Everyday Products That SunBlock.

Photo May 06, 8 41 06 AM

Did you know that you could get skin cancer in your eye? In front of the media center, our team arranges  display of dangling sunglasses along with a bright , sunshine-yellowsign encouraging students to be skin cancer free. Protect your eyes!Photo May 06, 8 59 02 AM

As students prepare for summer vacation, the Shield Your Skin display team makes sure to grab students’ attention as they walk through the cafeteria. What’s in your bag? Are you ready to shield your skin at the beach and at home?

Photo May 06, 8 56 24 AM








Along with a shield with a cancer ribbon on it, multiple bottles of sunscreen dangle from the ceiling in Bob Jones’ upstairs South Hallway.

Photo May 06, 9 01 12 AM







Some blurbs stand alone on the hallway walls. This blurb defines the word “shield” so you know a little more about what it means to shield your skin.Photo May 06, 9 01 23 AM

The team posted multiple flyers around the school with cute animations in order to catch the attention of the hundreds of students who walk the halls every day.