To Make Aware, Not to Scare

Skin cancer can be considered trivial to most teenagers and young adults, but the severity of it is growing. Skin cancer is the most common type of skin cancer in the United States.

  • From young adults ages 18-39, rates of melanoma appearance has increase by 800% in women and 400% in men.

 A lot of people are drawn to tanning, which not only increases the risk of getting skin cancer, but also causes premature skin aging.

  • 170,000 cases of skin cancer each year are linked to indoor tanning
  • California became the first state to ban indoor tanning by minors

But like we said, this is to aware, not to scare. Skin cancer is the easiest form of cancer to get rid of if caught from earlier on.

  • A study in the journal Cancer proposed that taking aspirin as a pain medication may reduce a person’s risk of getting melanoma by 20%