Our Message to You

On the Internet, there are many different websites: those that make fun of opening narrations when telling you things, and those that teach you about skin cancer and how to prevent it. This one is the latter. And the former.

In today’s informational society, it is very easy to access information about our health, especially about cancers (no WebMD, I don’t think my stomach ache means that I have an alien down there eating my sandwich).¬† Cancer affects everyone, and with beach and pool season upon us, skin cancer seems like a relevant angle to explore.

Skin cancer. There is this idea that “it won’t happen to me,” and when people think of skin cancer, they brush it off. “I don’t go to the tanning booth to get that perfect Oompa Loompa skin,” they say, “so I’m not at risk.” Yet there are so many different ways to get skin cancer, from going to a tanning booth to just doing your little parkour/ninja thing all summer break without protecting yourself, as you’ll see by looking through our website.

If you just learn¬†something from this site and apply it to your daily life, we’ve accomplished our goal.

So onward! Look through our resources about different types of skin cancers, how to reduce your risk of getting skin cancer, ways to support cancer research, and more.


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